Anthony Nappa Frizzante 2013

Anthony Nappa Frizzante Sparkling Wine 2013

Anthony Nappa Frizzante Sparkling Wine 2013- It’s so hot today even the bottle is sweating!

It’s hot. It’s humid. I want something light and refreshing that will cool me off and relax me, not that I’m that un-relaxed. Enter Anthony Nappa’s sparkling Frizzante. A member of their wine club, this was a new one that came in our latest shipment that we haven’t seen until now. I’m sure you’ve read about Anthony Nappa in the blog before. He’s the creator of the Winemaker’s Studio on the North Fork of Long Island. I’m a fan of many of their wines, and was pleased to receive another I haven’t yet tried. I don’t drink sparkling wine regularly, as it goes to my head a bit quickly. But right now, it fits the bill, and is tasty with some cheese and crackers.

It is a blend of Pinot Noir (78%), Riesling (10%) and Gewürztraminer (12%). It’s made by a secondary fermentation in bottle and aged on the lees to add depth and body like a Champagne. It’s not filtered so does give a slightly cloudy appearance but keeping on the lees is to it’s benefit. It’s dry but has many of the aromas you’d expect in the Riesling and Gewürz like flowers, peach, and apricot and these continue on the palate. It goes for $20 and can be easily found in the NYC metro area. Bottoms up!


North Fork Live Blog Day 1: The Winemaker’s Studio

The Winemaker's Studio

The Winemaker’s Studio

I am very happily camped out at The Winemaker’s Studio, a small shop and tasting room which is the result of many local winemakers’ getting to do their own private labels through a local crushing co-op. There are many to choose from, and the quality here shows their experience. The menu has each winemaker’s story and current wine offerings. The a la carte menu of 12 or so wines changes weekly. The best of many worlds all at once. We have passed here a few times on our last visits but were always under the impression that it was perhaps a private business.

Everything we’ve had here has been top notch and particularly the Anthony Nappa wines who was formerly the head winemaker at Shinn, who I reviewed here in October after visiting. The “Bordo” Cabernet Franc I just tasted is perhaps the best I’ve had in the region so far. So, so good. Cigar-box aromas and berry spice permeate the nose as well as the palate, and its nice and fruit forward like my other favorite Cabernet Francs. It is fermented ‘wild’ which I assume means in the bins left to macerate upon itself. The finish keeps on going. I am buying two of these. There was a fantastic white Pinot Noir which I will also be bringing home, some great Viogniers, Rieslings, a Cab/Merlot blend, and a very nice dry rosé as well as an ‘orange wine’ which is partially oxidized. Several of these are from Red Hook winery in Brooklyn, whose rosé was one of the first I wrote about on this blog when I tried it at a Brooklyn rooftop BBQ. We will be going to visit Red Hook, as everything we’ve tried of theirs is also very good.

They also do spirit tastings here. While it looks more like a coffee shop, everything here is the real deal, and the staff as knowledgeable as they get. And, there IS fresh coffee available as well as some local beer if that is your craving or a necessity. Next door is a gourmet food shop, and our cheese plate was prepared of gourmet fresh cheeses on the spot.

We have also just joined the Winemaker’s studio wine club. That’s about the highest recommendation I can give. Go!