Wine Briefs: La Fortuna Rosso di Montalcino Fortunello 2013

La Fortuna Rosso di Montalcino Fortunello 2013

La Fortuna Rosso di Montalcino Fortunello 2013

Another steal from Last Bottle Wines. A bit on the young side perhaps but I drank the first of the two bottles so lustfully, that I couldn’t wait to open the second — and make sure I got a tasting note in before it too disappeared.  I should have bought a case.  I did also buy a bottle of their 2010 La Fortuna Brunello, which I will be more responsible with.

On this one, a deep, luscious nose of baked cherries, earth, and elegant oak — not at all overpowering of the other components rather in complete harmony. On the palate: moderate and integrated acidity and tannins with deep, soft cherry fruit and a lengthy and slightly toasty finish. Also completely in balance in taste. It’s drinking like a god right now, can only imagine it improving with age. Everything you need is there. Too bad this is the only other bottle I have. But the producer has just made my favorites list. Can’t wait for the Brunello, but I should.

Around $25 a bottle, I think I paid $12 each. I give it 90 points.