Shatter 2011 Grenache

Shatter 2011 Grenache

Shatter 2011 Grenache

One of my favorite new discoveries of late is this wine. While at a new restaurant in town a few weeks ago, the waitress insisted I at least try this wine and brought me a sample. She thought it was fantastic, and she was right. I loved this rich juicy red – it went equally well with my gourmet mac and cheese as it did with my strip steak with green chimichurri sauce. A few days later, I saw it in my local wine store at $30 and bought it immediately. I was sold by the 2 glasses I had at the restaurant, for sure. While back there last week for dinner I was eager to have my father try it but it was all out already, and that waiter too was raving about it.

It comes from the Vin de Pays Cotes Catalanes in France. Geographically its in the Pyranees-Orientals department of France – in the wine world, Roussillon. As this wine does not adhere to the Cotes du Roussillon appellation rules, it falls within this VDP. But to fall would imply it is bad, which it is certainly not!

On the nose it has ripe black fruit as well as some bright strawberry notes, as well as obvious oak. On the palate it packs a punch of fruit and acidity with moderate tannin and full body. It lingers a while, the fruit still going. There’s also a good kick of alcohol there which you can taste but its also quite well-integrated for being almost 16%. Just a great wine. I am buying another the next time I am there and maybe more than one for that matter. I love it on its own or with food.


One response to “Shatter 2011 Grenache

  1. We carried this wine last year at Whole Foods Market North Miami and it sold very well. It became unavailable to us at some point most likely due to vintage change and I believe it is now back for us. Looking forward to spending an evening with it again soon. Thank you.

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