North Fork Live Blog Day 2: Croteaux vineyards

Croteaux Vineyards Rosé tasting

Croteaux Vineyards Rosé tasting

I am sitting here in an absolutely beautiful farmhouse complete with an antique barn and endless rows of French and California cloned vines of Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Cab Franc stretching beyond into the distance. Except that Croteaux is all rosé. The tasting room studio is an attic barn space painted with bright Provençal colors and and windows all around overlooking the 1600’s barn and vineyards. It is also filled with the owner’s currently in-process paintings ( and hence the pleasantly pungent aroma of oil paint) of vines and other oenophilea. This art studio vibe is an enticing enhancement to the room. I can imagine the owner painting all week while overlooking his vineyards and listening to French music and can almost transport myself there. And dream of the same life. We tried six different rosé wines with some baguettes and the favorites were the Chloé Sauvignon Blanc rose and the Jolie Cabernet Franc rosé, the latter of which had nice complexity in the aromas including black cherry, currant, rosemary and other wild herbs. It has a fuller body and light rouge color. The former having expected grassy notes and more herbaceous notes but a lighter body and typical rosé characteristics. I will be back for both the ambiance and the wine!



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