North Fork Live Blog Day 1: Jamesport Vineyards

Jamesport Vineyards 2011 East End Rosé

Jamesport Vineyards 2011 East End Rosé

Out on the North Fork of Long Island in wine country for my anniversary once again and trying my first live blogging experiment. Upon some recommendations we are at Jamesport vineyards, in the town of the same name, just east of Riverhead and the branch of the two forks – the southern more known for the Hamptons and Beaches and Montauk, the north for wine and quaint maritime towns.

My wife and I did a tasting of 5 wines each including a few whites including a nice Riesling, some Cab Francs from two vintages and Cab Franc blend, a spicy Syrah and Pinot Noir and our first-ever Petite Verdot Rosé. While there was some good stuff going on here, the prices are a bit prohibitive with the Syrah and Cab Franc blend reaching into the $30-$50 range. The tasting room and winery are beautiful, all wood and wood beams with the winemaking equipment on full view behind glass and outside the tasting room. Though we are having a bit of a snowstorm at the moment so that certainly has made it more interesting. I’d like to focus on the Petit Verdot ‘East-End Rosé’ as it really was unique and the one we are walking out with. The nose had apricot and raspberry notes and on the palate more notes of raspberry with some dried strawberry. The acidity and body were well balanced and about a medium. Refreshing but not heavy, like a good rosé should be. And, at only $14, a great value.  On to the next winery where we will also be treated to some live jazz as part of this weekend’s “Jazz on the Vine” festival!


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