Let’s Talk Accessories: Wine Tags

Wine tags

Wine bottle tags

One thing I noticed shortly after finishing the assembly of my first sizeable wine rack last fall, was that telling the bottles apart and finding the one I’m looking for the first time is about as easy as finding one of my vinyl records in my collection. Clearly there’s a reason for those alphabetical record shelf dividers, and if they weren’t so expensive (these people know there’s a market here) I’d have a whole set of them already. Fortunately, the wine bottle tags I’m telling you about today are much more affordable.

40 (or more) wine bottles lying on their side, especially in a somewhat dark and light/heat safe environment, are a challenge to navigate without some help. That’s where these tags come in. Surely we’ve all seen these before. If not in our own cellar, than in a restaurant or at the very least a magazine, book or television show.

The wine tags in action

The wine tags in action

While browsing at the new local wine shop, I picked up a box of these to simplify my life. Within minutes I was able to label my most precious, and/or not ready-to-drink wines as such. I know now on first glance most of these are not one to pull out for just any occasion. Some I just labeled with the drink-by date if the name on the tag doesn’t immediately say ‘save me.’ These that I bought came in both red and white labels so you can skip that detail. Wine Enthusiast (no need to thank me, guys) has many different options that are all very affordable. Now, I didn’t label all of them, but I suppose you could go hog-wild at these prices. For me, there is some enjoyment in browsing my collection, without revisiting all those I know I want to save.

As I dream of what the new home I’m buying this spring will look like and how much room I will have to store wine and build more racks, I hope to have the occasion to buy many many more of these handy tags. Not to mention, start my own wine-making experiments I mentioned and label those as well!


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