Graphic Image Wine Dossier and Wine Enthusiast Label Savers

Wine Enthusiast Label Savers

Wine Enthusiast Label Savers

The holidays were good to me, wine-wise. Not only did I drink a bunch of fantastic wines, but I got lots of great stocking stuffers. Today I’m going to talk about the label saver kit and my new wine dossier.

The label maker works great, if you have a standard size label, and you’re not expecting a perfect peel from the bottle. I was at first. But when I realized the label itself was removed fully intact, who cares that the back of it was still stuck to the empty bottle? The concept is simple: you peel off about 90% of the adhesive from the backing, save for a small tab at the end that is used to remove it. You then apply the exposed adhesive side to the label and bottle and use a hard object (they suggested the back of a spoon, which I used) to smooth out air bubbles and make full contact with the label and bottle. Then you use the tab end to peel it off, your label (hopefully) included.  I had originally tried it out on a different bottle but the label wrapped around fully with the exception of a small area in the back. In that case perhaps you can score the label with a knife and ruler to get a clean result. Will certainly try that tonight. I want to keep that label.

Graphic Image's Leather Wine Dossier

Graphic Image’s Leather Wine Dossier

It’s funny because the beautiful wine dossier my wife got me has its own page on how to remove wine labels for placement within its pages –the traditional hot water and dish soap technique. I have always had mixed results with that method, probably because some producers use stronger adhesives than others depending on their budgets. And maybe some impatience on my part, too. But the label savers worked.They are from Wine Enthusiast and retail at a mere $6.50 for a set of 10.

The task having been successful, I then trimmed the surrounding area of the label to fit it in the page of my beautiful red leather-covered wine dossier. It is divided by wine type – reds, whites, rosé, sparkling  and liquors – each with its own tab. On the left of each page is where you place the label, and rate the quality in the checkboxes below. On the right, you write your notes and pertinent information.  Though they need to be succinct to fit, that can be a good thing. There is also a section outlining all the wine types, varietals, and associated grapes and regions of note for the newbie. Frankly it can’t hurt anyone, newbie or expert or in-between, to have that to refer to regularly and refresh every now and then.

Inside the Wine Dossier

Inside the Wine Dossier

The wine dossier is from Graphic Image and costs $95 and is available at many online retailers. While that’s not cheap, neither is the product. And if you love wine that much, having a place to record and preserve your favorites in style is worth the money. And it’s something, like a fine wine, that you will enjoy more if you spend a little more.


2 responses to “Graphic Image Wine Dossier and Wine Enthusiast Label Savers

  1. Glad to find another “label peeler” here : ) I had been peeling labels since 2003 (ouch, it makes it ten years then…), I’m on my book #11 at this point. I use a simple lined journal, which I used to buy at Borders for $6.99 or so – now I’m buying similar ones at Barnes and Noble. They don’t look as presentable as the special one you use, but they keep the info as well, and there is plenty of space for the notes.

    Also, for the label remover – I’m using LabelOff, which I’m buying from International Wine Accessory catalog – in the quantity of 100, they cost 50 cents a piece ( $50 for a 100) – their success rate is about 90% – I I tried Wine Enthusiast label removers, and their success rate was about 60%, especially when you deal with French or Italian labels.

    • Yeah I later tried it on the bottle I mentioned with the wrap around label and even with scoring it, I could not successfully remove the label. I was bummed. That thing was on there good. So yeah, I think it comes down to the glue they use. I will try yours next. I know the book was expensive but it was a gift. The question is, will I invest $100 a pop for additional ones. Probably, knowing me. They DO look nice on a bookshelf 😉 Thanks for your feedback.

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