Barrington Cellars Baco Noir and 2010 Dry Riesling

Barrington Baco Noir and Riesling

Barrington Baco Noir and Riesling

While I am going on six days without power, I know a lot of people have it a lot worse, and I am fortunate to have my family nearby who do have power back, and I will be bringing along some fine wine to share. After all, I just got 2 more cases from work! I guess the only thing that I’m really disappointed about is that the pure grape juice I bought at the farmer’s market in Brooklyn that I was going to make wine with, is a goner, just like everything else in my fridge. But I can always go back and get more. However I did want to tell you about the wines we bought from the same stand at the market, from Barrington Cellars in the now famous Finger Lakes Wine region of New York.  We bought two that day, though they had a nice selection of about ten wines for sale. Definitely going to pay a visit.  We picked up one red and one white, natch.

The red was a Baco Noir, a variety I’ve mentioned before and that I’ve found in many local wines. It is a hybrid of the French Folle Blanc grape (Cognac) and an unknown North American variety and is popular in Canadian wine regions as well as the tri-state area for its fortitude. The color was a medium ruby and on the nose was red and black fruit, with toast and smoke notes and on the palate was wild red fruit, white pepper, currant and blackberry and a bit of cola. It had bright acidity and had a medium body and finish and was delicious with our homemade potato leek soup.

The 2010 Dry Riesling was pale lemon in color and had floral, gooseberry, bosch pear and citrus notes on the nose. The palate echoed the citrus and pear, and it had a medium intensity with expected refreshing acidity. A nice example of why this region is now famous in the United States for their Rieslings. I am looking forward to our first visit to the region next year.

Visit them at

Barrington Cellars

2794 Gray Road
Penn Yan, NY 14527
(315) 531-8923

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