Lenz Blanc De Noir 2008

Lenz Winery. Chalkboard art by Dan Krupin.

Lenz Winery. Chalkboard art by Dan Krupin.

As promised, I wanted to tell you about yet another amazing wine I tried in the North Fork.  I of course enjoyed several of their wines, but this was an event for me because, like the white Merlot at Sherwood House Vineyards, this was my first white Pinot Noir. And most of you know by now, that Pinot Noir is my all-time favorite variety. And that being my first trip to a large number of different wineries in one visit, I underestimated how much I was going to want to bring home. It adds up fast, so I was sparing overall, amassing about 2 cases from 8 wineries and only one or two of each favorite. This was a major failure on my part because most of these I would kill to drink again right now, though I’ve been able to locate a few in shops in New York City as mentioned with the Bedell first Crush and some of the Paumanok. And every single one I want to write about, and probably will! I was able to get hold of another bottle of this one from a co-worker when he visited the region and winery in May.

Seeing as how my father-in-law introduced me to my first love in the grape world, I was eager and waited to share this 2008 Blanc de Noir from Lenz Winery with him. We had an opportunity in June but never got around to it, so it stayed in my fridge for a month, so as not to risk spoiling it with any drastic temperature changes. This was an ordinary kitchen fridge, but I have plans to pick up a temperature-controlled wine refrigerator when I have a home with more room. I was nervous it would spoil, but fortunately, it did not. I chalk it up to it being a new refrigerator with reliable temperature control.

2008 Lenz Blanc De Noir

2008 Lenz Blanc De Noir

Anyway, I not only shared it last weekend with my father-in-law, but my wife, my dad and my sister-in-law. It was a hit. My wife had tried it at the winery with me in March but it was amazing all over again, for both of us. The color was a pale gold, similar to that of Champagne, for obvious reasons. (okay well if you don’t know, Pinot Noir is one of the three grapes and one of the two red grapes used in traditional Champagne.) It was nice and dry and made in the same style with the same methods as its European red counterparts, though lightly pressed and the skins removed before fermentation. This is not a bulk-made, blended sweet rosé unfortunately now associated with America due to white Zinfandel. So of course on the nose you had French oak and baking spice — I picked up some noticable cinammon — and white cherry. The palate echoed the nose, with more white, and red cherry. It had medium acidity, body, and finish. It had such a unique character, really like nothing I’ve had yet. An absolute prize of a wine and one of their top five most popular.  I will be back for more, you have my word.

We also picked up an amazing two-bottle wine tote in their shop, which included two plastic wine glasses and a corkscrew for the consummate picnicer. We use this on a regular basis – for outdoor concerts, camping, the beach and whatever occasion calls for it. It is padded on the inside and canvas on the outside. It doesn’t have any cooling elements but you can easily wrap those little freezer cooling bags around a white and slip it in to its compartment.

There is also a talented artist on the staff, Dan Krupin, who does custom chalkboard art for the winery, and also their friends at the Harvest Inn, where we stayed that weekend. I will be telling you about that great place, people, and the amazing time we had there soon.

In the meantime, visit the Lenz website or winery, and order some for yourself before I drink it all…

Lenz Winery
38355 New York 25  Peconic, NY 11958


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