Wine Enthusiast 40-Bottle Modular Wine Rack

Wine Enthusiast 40-bottle modular wine rack

Product shot – full capacity

Last week I used a father’s day gift certificate to buy something I wanted on While I was dying for one of those cool silent, temperature-controlled storage fridges, the fact is we are living in a small apartment, which is already maxed out on space and there just is no room. I will get one of those down the road. Besides, in my business I often have at least a case of wine at home at any one time, thanks to such nice employee discounts. Our current wine rack only holds 6 bottles, and we end up stacking them on our dining room table or atop our bar next to the fish tank. And lets be honest, it’s not very nice to show off all the great wine those poor fish can’t drink. I’m a caring person, and don’t want my fish to feel such envy. Also, it doesn’t really look right, my fine wine collection piled against the side of a fish tank. More storage was definitely needed. But as we are buying a house at the end of the year or so, I wanted something that would fit here for now, but also be flexible enough to use in a larger space in the future. Enter the Wine Enthusiast 40-bottle modular wine rack. I read about 100 of the reviews before purchase. Some people complained that it was difficult to assemble and line up all the pegs and beams properly, while some said it really was not that hard if you took your time and had some patience, and some skill. You can build multiple smaller racks, or one large one. What is also great is it holds larger Burgundy and Champagne bottles as well.

My results - currently 10 bottles

My results – currently 10 bottles

Not having the rubber mallet recommended when it showed up so soon, I took others’ advice and used a small hand towel and a normal hammer. With just a little bit of thought and planning, and making a few adjustments, I was able to put together the size I had space for now in about 1 hour. Sure, there were a few pieces I had to detach and re-set, but with the towel and the hammer, I was able to line up everything pretty easily and without marring the wood. I made sure to lay the two rows I was assembling on top of each other as I built it to see where pieces needed to be adjusted so they would line up as I connected them. I didn’t have any trouble with broken pegs, and they give you extra anyway. We only have room currently on the bar for 10 bottles so I made 2 rows of 5 for this space. But knowing that when I have a lot more space, I can stack it up 4 times higher, there really was no better option. I chose the mahogany finish, which was only $10 more. It was already on sale so the whole thing only cost me $89 plus $15 shipping due to weight. Knowing I have proper storage now, and flexibility later, is a great thing. Being the fourth of July, we will do some damage to this collection at our BBQ today, but I always know I have a place to re-stock my collection. Happy 4th to my American friends!


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