Baugier Montagne Saint Emilion 2009

Baugier St Emilion 2009

Baugier St Emilion 2009

Yesterday, I got back my WSET advanced exam results, and I was very pleased with them so I wanted to celebrate. On the way home we picked up this bottle of Montagne St. Emilion. I know it’s not from St. Emilion AOC proper but still, this was VERY-well priced at about $15. And it’s very very close geographically. Not to mention, 2009 was a fantastic vintage all around in Bordeaux. Just goes to show what a name and a piece of land can do to a price. Of course, the same holds true in many regions in France, the world, and in fact anything from real estate to cheese. I wasn’t expecting top St Emilion Châteaux results so the price was probably appropriate, but still. What’s better is that it was good. So good that I well, finished it. At about 70% Merlot, it poured a medium-plus intensity and the nose was nice and plummy with a bit of the classic Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon fragrant black fruit notes which complete the blend. I picked up very little oak, if any. The tannins were very smooth, and it went incredibly well with my chicken tarragon and wild rice. Just goes to show what you can find in a large discount wine shop. I enjoy scanning the racks there as much as the fancy wine shop with all the expensive stuff I pick up on special occasions. Turns out there’s a new one about the size of the Home Depot open in town, and I have avoided it only because I’m afraid I will walk out of there wine-rich and wallet-poor. That’s ok when I’ve got the means, though.


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