Welcome to Wining Daily

Welcome to my new blog. I consider myself a newcomer to the world of fine wine. I have had the fortune (or rather, the age) to be able to enjoy wine for nearly two decades but it wasn’t until I stumbled into the business a year and a half ago and took some classes that I really learned about it.

I started this blog to share my learning, experiences and enthusiasm for wine with anyone who’d like to listen. Regarding the name, I just love a good pun.  I’ll do my best to write daily when I have something to say. I will talk about wines that I’ve enjoyed recently, accessories that you just have to love, wine-related travel and experiences, and anything else I come up with along the way. I hope you enjoy it!


2 responses to “Welcome to Wining Daily

  1. Thanks I really enjoyed your blog too. Italian wines are also some of my favorites. Barberas, Montepulciano D’Abruzzos, Super Tuscans and Neros I love. Not to neglect the whites…

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