I Heart Pinot Noir

2007 Pinot Noir Russian River Valley

2007 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, California

I don’t know about you, but I love a good Pinot Noir. This is a variety I really discovered more recently through my father-in-law who shared some of his favorites from the Willamette Valley. And, well needless to say it left a very good impression. I would have to now rank it up in my very most loved varieties. I like it French, I like it American, I like it Australian and I know it’s made in many more places. I had an amazing one from Patagonia last week in fact.  It’s just so expressive when you get it right. My wife knows about my passion for Pinot Noir and picked up a new one at the store.

This one is from the Russian River Valley in North Coast, California. I haven’t had one from here before, but I was excited because I recalled a bit of my reading from class about the region and these stellar cool climate Pinot Noirs. Is the fog the trick, or is it the moderate afternoons? It is a 2007 and I definitely see what I think is some rim variation on there. Lots of oak on the nose but not in a bad way, and a hint of pepper and red cherry. A nice little kick of alcohol and some more of that expected (or hoped for) zingy red fruit on the palate. A really nice wine, well balanced.  Now what do I make for dinner to go with it!? I once paired a chicken with pancetta dish with a red Burgundy to much affect.

I also always like it when a bottle has a well thought out and often creative back label describing the ethos and the methods of the producer and this wine. It matters, when you can interact and learn a little bit more about what it is and where its from. And I’ve yet to meet a Pinot Noir I didn’t like.


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  1. And I am opening a Gevrey-Chambertain and a white Pinot from Long Island this weekend in honor of my father-in-law being here, so I will definitely write those up very soon!

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